Innovation and Incubation Hub

Innovation and Incubation Hub

“Innovation in new products and services is the outcome of creative ideas supported by collaborative Framework, agile methodology, based on the latest technologies and nurtured by right incubation”.

Our Innovation, Incubation and Training Centers are supported by a team of scholarly professionals engaged in building and delivering a collaborative learning using best practices across industries based on practical use cases. Participants will benefit from collaborative framework, agile methodology and the latest technologies.

Developed Ideas
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What We Offer

What We Offer

Support: on counselling and mentoring on new projects.

Guidance: on standards, methodologies, tools and global knowledge needed for innovation.

Shared Learning: Training and certifications, skill assessments, team building.

Wisdom: Knowledge is of the past and wisdom is for the future.

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Femi Oldele

Femi Oladele

IT Professional

I am a technology professional working in the healthcare sector based in Ibadan, Nigeria. i get fascinated by emerging technologies ans wanted to have deeper understanding of Big Data technologies. i attended both courses on Big Data concepts. technologies and deployment use cases and Cloud deployment architecture delivered by Scholars professional in the Silicon Valley, US.
I can only say that Scholars programs are designed for people to learn interactively online from your home, globally delivered by Scholarly professional in the US.
I recommend anyone to join Scholars program for interactive learning among global participants.

Sesan Oladimeji


Big Data class provided a comprehensive systems architecture-level understanding of all the major Big Data technology choices out there.
We learned about challenges of Big Data, and how to evaluate which technologies to use given any business need. Mr Alakh Verma’s class has armed me with the confidence to make these decisions in work settings, and given me a starting point to go deeper into other technology.